City Defense


City Defense was developed in XNA, even though the language won't be updated any more, it was a great learning experience in my opinion. I personally created all of the models, including their collision meshes. Unfortunately with the time constraints I didn't get as much done as I had hoped on this front. I also implemented the controls as well as the physics and collision system. The controls were a big pain, they were completed the first week and tweaked nearly every day until we finished. The final implementation required us to add a few options in the menu system to allow everyone to customize it. The part of the game I was most proud of though was the collision system. This was only my second time ever working on physics. In spite of that I was able to implement a basic octree. All of the buildings in the city and sections of the canyon are setup with space partitioning, that is dynamically calculated when they are built. This part wasn't completely necessary, but it was a great learning experience.