Dark Maze


This is Dark Maze, developed during the Utah Indie Game Jam. Dark Maze won first place in the category of game design. It was quite the experience developing a game in only 48 hours. I worked together with a team of 3 people. The theme we were given was darkness. So my team and I developed a fun game in unity, where the goal is to collect different colors of light and place the collected light in the matching absorber. It's not so easy, however, since you're in a maze and have to collect light in order to see. Each different color of light gives you a different power, for example moving through objects or increasing the amount of the maze you could see. I really enjoyed the experience and definitely plan to continue on with the development of this game. I think it has a lot of potential. Since one of the big things we focused on during development was making sure all of the things we built were extremely reusable and allowed for the easy creation of more levels, it shouldn't take too much more time to get it to a level most people could enjoy playing for a few hours.