FBX Loader

C++/Autodesk sdk

The FBX Loader is a project originally developed by my professor Jamie King at Neumont University. In preparation for one of my upcoming classes I was asked by Mr. King to fix a couple of the bugs remaining in the code, so that the whole class would be able to use it once the class began. I quickly fixed the bugs, but that wasn't all, I began to add some extra features to the tool as well. I found that I truly enjoyed this type of development and have continued to work on this tool in my spare time.


The main purpose of the FBX Loader is to read in the AutoDesk .fbx file type and convert all of the model data into a new streamlined data structure. This tool also has one other feature. It can build debug shapes as well. When originally received the project it had the ability to convert the vertex, normal, and index data, as well as make a plane, teapot, sphere, and torus. Over time I have added functionality to also read out animation data, texture information, and create tangent and bitangent. I also added the ability to average the normals of a model mesh. I've also multiple shapes to the available debug shapes. One of the most useful things I've done with this tool is to write a tool that allows me to write out the data to a binary file. This way I can read all of model data for an entire scene into my game engine, do a little bit of pointer fix up and send that data down to the graphics card.