Shield Shader


This is a shield shader I developed while working on Super Deungeon Bros when the shield blocks a projectile it creates a ripple effect over the surface. This version of the shield only creates up to 5 ripples, by passing an array of times and impact points. I have tried versions with additional ripples, but anything more than 5 don't seem to usually be noticeable.

One of the artists working on the game created the original version of this shield with just alpha and refraction. I worked with him to add some noise to the refraction over the surface, and I was really pleased with the look of it, however I wanted to take it a step further.

The shield still has a small amount of refraction upon it. When hit a ripple effect spreads over the surface beginning at the impact point, and alters the objects seen through the shield with with the help of a noise texture and some math.

The original version of the ripple effect had a hard circular edge, however if examined closely you can see the effect now has an inconsistent edge. This not only looks cool, but also makes the ripple effect seems to flow more seamlessly back into the full shield. The original hard edge felt as though it popped back into the normal edge as the ripple faded.